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TOPPERS / protective mattrases HORECA


The topper or the protective mattress have the purpose of protecting the mattress and provide a higher grade of comfort. By using a topper, the comfort level of the main mattress can be adjusted, the most used situation is a medium-hard mattress combined with a soft, comfortable topper.

The topper corrects the eventual not perfect shapes of a used mattress, in this case the recommended foam is a hard one. “Covering” the wholes, it improves with a lower cost an old, used mattress or a bad one.

We produce toppers from different polyurethane foams with different densities, hardness grades and dimensions.

The covers are made from quilted or normal knitwear, removable with zip on all sides, washable. 

Types of TOPPERS produced at CASA di ANGELI:

  •  Memory toppers
  • High-resilience toppers
  • Soft topers
  • Hard toppers


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